Lac Léman Music Masterclasses


The Association Lac Léman Music Masterclasses is a Swiss non-profit organization which organizes masterclasses for highly talented young string musicians. These masterclasses are given by music teachers of world renown. Founded in 2010, the Association aims to help up-and-coming violinists, violists and cellists to develop their musical and instrumental skills to the highest level and to prepare them for an international career in classical music.

While the development of a career in music places many different demands on a young musician, the Lac Léman Music Masterclasses focus on what is above all of importance, developing  his or her abilitiess of musical expression  required for a convincing interpretation of the works of great composers. The students and their most immediate needs are given utmost attention in the intensive one-to-one tuition provided by some of the world's greatest  teachers of stringed instruments. In order to be able to offer this type of training and encouragement, the Lac Léman Music Masterclasses have chosen the Hindemith Music Center in Blonay, Switzerland, beautifully located on a hill looking over the Lake Léman, as  a public, yet intimate  venue for the masterclasses. Where possible, the results of the work performed in the masterclasses are presented to the general public in concerts performed in any of the towns around the Lake.

Students attending LLMM's masterclasses are drawn from many different nationalities and diverse social backgrounds and are selected purely on musical merit.

The Association Lac Léman Music Masterclasses is governed by an executive board comprising Professor Pierre Tercier, Fribourg, as chair, and Fabian von Schlabrendorff, Independent Arbitrator, Frankfurt, Jean-David Pelot, partner of Legentis Avocats, Lausanne, Ms. Liana Georgana-Koch, Geneva, Tristan Cerf, Porte-Parole Migros, Zurich and Ms. Bérénice Waechter, Geneva. All of the board members have volunteered their services on an unpaid basis.

The Association is very grateful for the financial and non-financial support it receives from its members, donors and sponsors. It could not pursue its ambitious goals without this idealistic and very tangible support from music-loving individuals and institutions which recognize the significant contribution music makes to international understanding and the quality of all our lives. Please see the "SUPPORT US" section for more information on how you can lend your support.